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Some tips for more drawing fun!

  • Menus can slide side to side by dragging them to reveal more tools and options.

  • The icons at the top of the screen show you your current tool and color.

  • You can see more of the menus at once by holding your phone sideways.

  • You can clear the screen by shaking your phone. This can also be turned off, and the sensitivity adjusted.

  • Stamps can be resized or rotated by using multiple fingers, and brushes can be resized with the "size" button in the brushes menu.

  • Use the "plus" button at the end of the main menu to access more features, such as saving and loading images.

  • The "advanced" button allows you to change settings.

  • You can turn on sounds in the settings page. They are off by default.

  • Younger children may find the "Simple Menus" option easier to deal with. This prevents the menus from sliding side to side. Some tools can't be used in this mode. Press the gear button at the top of the screen to get back to settings.

  • For babies, try the "Lock Menus" option. Menus will not slide or open, and pressing buttons will chose a random brush, stamp, or color. Press each corner of the screen to unlock. When in trial mode, ads are disabled when the screen is locked.

  • For very young children, try the two fade speeds. When on, the screen will gradually fade out, allowing them to have fun making marks on the screen without it getting too cluttered. Try turning on fast fade and then doing fills!

  • Turn fade off again, create a big rainbow fill, and then fill in the individual color bands with more rainbows.

  • Turn fade on, and try starting fills inside fills that are already animating. You can have up to seven fills going at once.

  • Make sure to scroll all the way down in the settings page!

  • Most, but not all, tools have submenus that reveal more options, such as different colors and brush shapes. Tap on a tool icon to show or hide the submenu, or drag the menu up or down on the edges. The fill and eraser tools do not have submenus.

  • Most tools support multitouch. For example, "magic" tools can use two fingers to specify the area of the screen to affect, while a single touch affects the whole screen.

  • The glow magic tool works best on finger drawings, but when used repeatedly on a picture has a blur effect. Many of the other magic tools work best on pictures, but all have fun uses on any drawing. Experiment!

  • The Bing icon at the end of the pictures menu can be used to load images from the internet. Data charges may apply. The "recent" button will show the last image downloaded.

  • "Find Coloring Pages" will try to find coloring book-style images. If there aren't any to be found, it may still return regular pictures.

  • The underlined words in the search box give you suggestions. The suggestions sometimes change for important days, like International Ice Cream Appreciation Day. Check back every day!

  • The icon with the small boxes will give you a list of images to pick from, while the check button will simply choose one for you.

  • You can also try taking pictures of your kids' coloring books using the camera, and then color them again and again by using save and load feature.

  • You can undo up to twenty actions. After that the undo icon will be disabled.

  • More colors can be used by pressing the "chooser" button in the color menu. Press and hold on the color wheel. When the color you want is shown at the top, lift your finger.

  • The last color you selected on the chooser is saved, and can be chosen again by pressing the chooser button twice.

  • If you stop drawing for awhile, the screen will not turn off as it normally does. This helps keep you from always having to unlock the phone for your child. However, if they set it down (or otherwise stop moving the phone), it will turn off.

  • When the language is set to Hindi, there is a bug where button labels turn off after restarting the program. Sorry about that!

Copyright © Nikolai Faaland. All rights reserved.